My First Cityscape


Yesterday I gave you a little sneak peek of what I had been working on. Here is the finished project.

I have long been a serious admirer of

Robin Mead’s artwork.

She and I both love bright color –

the more the merrier.

A month or so ago, Robin sent out an

email announcing an online class she

was going to teach about . . .

Crazy Colorful Cityscapes.

You can find a link to her classes, including this one,

on Robin’s website by clicking here.

NOTE: This is a paid for class, Robin makes a living

from her artwork. For that reason, I will not

be showing you steps,

nor explaining what to do.

You can get more information on her site,

or better yet – take the class.

I will just be showing you some of my work.

Above is the linework art that I did

for my first cityscape.

I really loved it at that point and was hesitant

about adding color,

but honestly ‘color’ is why I signed up

for the class! Hahahaha!

From there it was a quick jaunt to add some color!

 And to add some detail work!!
 I hope I remember to add the year
to each cityscape I make.

If you follow me, you already know that

Kneaders is a special place in our family.

Then I added some more little details.

And . . .

. . . called it done.

And now, it is on to lesson two!

(For color I used Lolliz gel pens,

gelly roll pens, Schmincke watercolors,

Daniel Smith ultrafine watercolors,

posca pens, an ultra-fine point Sharpie,

and a uni-ball Signo pen.)

8 thoughts on “My First Cityscape

  1. Thanks for this, Alice! I checked out Robin's website after receiving your email and will be signing up for her 'Make Your Mark' class soon! I love colour too, and your blog has been an inspiration 🙂

  2. Wow Alice. This is really a beautiful piece of artwork. I too am a lover of bright colors. I will be checking out Robin's web site. Thanks for the link…Linda E.

  3. Striking how this looks as if there are flames burning behind the cityscape. The sense of distance is wonderful with the sea well in front then the city & behind it the flames – or could it be a brilliant sunset? So much fun just sitting looking at all the elements & your joy in colour just oozes from this artwork.

    • haha! i thought about lightening that sky – should be a sunset or rise – i thought it looked like the buildings were on fire, too.

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