Mandala Mashup


Mandala Mashup.

Basically you take four tiles and arrange them

as you see above.

Then you trace concentric circles

that cover all four tiles.

I started off with a couple empty medicine bottles,

then a drinking glass, and a small plate.

You could use a compass but I have

never been good with those,

so I go simple with what is available.

Next I separated them into four tiles again.

I tangled them one at a time.

Tangle each one differently.

You will end up with four different

little pieces of art.

When you put them back together

in this arrangement,

you have a mandala mashup.

I love it!

Perhaps you would love to give it a go.

If you don’t have tiles,

just take a sheet of cardstock

(or white scrapbook paper)

and trace four squares the same size.

I used tiles that are 3.5″ square.

Cut them out and follow the steps above.

Instant mandala mashup!

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