More Blending Solution on an Alcohol Ink ATC

 Here is a completed ATC.
Again – made with alcohol ink on Yupo paper.
Kind of dark for me, but I thought I
liked it anyway.
 Finally, I was like, No!
Too dark for me!
So I used a lighter color of ink and
dropped a few more spots of ink
right onto the top of the darker areas.
It lightened up the colors,
but I started getting mud in that top section.
No bueno.
 So I pulled out the Copic blending solution.
(I just realized I say so and then and next
and again a lot.)
I used the solution to squirt a wormy line
across the ATC.
I really expected I’d be throwing this one
into the trash can, then I wondered what
would happen if I blotted up those gobs of color.

I grabbed a paper towel –

didn’t know if it would work or not –

and placed it down over the top of the

ATC. Gently blotted, and lifted.

And this is what I got.

A beautiful, soft alcohol inked ATC.

I didn’t even know you could do soft with

these inks.


Remember, I’m in Florida doing doctor visits

with my mom.

She will be 92 in a couple weeks.

Still going strong.

But I’m not going to kid you,

 it’s going to be a challenging couple

days for me.

I am going to break it up by spending

a few relaxing – I hope – days

at the House of Mouse.

And visiting my son, and Bobbie,

and the Frankles.

Photos to come.

I promise.

Even if you don’t want to see them.


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