Too much happening in my life.


And I am sick on top of everything else.


I wanted to share a little dragonair and

punzel fun with you!

These two tangles are so much fun to draw!

You can never go wrong with either one.

Click the pink link to take you to step outs.

Have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Dragonair

  1. Sorry to hear you're unwell – not good at this time of year when you want to be out & about doing things. Take care of yourself & rest as much as you can. Your Punzel & Dragonair always look so clean & fresh – I particularly like the way you've given one side of Punzel a striped/notched/serrated edge to make it more interesting as well as adding dimension. Printemps looks as if it wants to be another tendril & weave itself in amongst the design.

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