Grow A Little Each Day


 Art journaling has been pushed to the very back of the plate as we work on books. And, I miss it. So this week I decided to check out one of the weekly art journal groups I am in and do a prompt. Jane posted the weekly prompt about gardens and what they mean to us…. Continue Reading

Random Stacks


 No color today, just traditional black and white. Stacking some tangle patterns and practicing. I love doing this, and no, they aren’t all perfectly stacked. But that’s ok. Just practicing anyway.

A Little Color Play

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My art life has been so focused on books and more books and not on making myself happy in my art walk. So yesterday, I took a day off. A day to play with color . . . just because I could. These strips are remnants of pages created. Pages waiting to become projects.  Pages like this…. Continue Reading

Cee-a-Mosa, New Tangle


Are you ready to try a new tangle? Here is one I designed recently called Cee-A-Mosa. So named because the pods remind me of the seed pods on the mimosa trees in Florida. Let’s walk through the steps.  I began by drawing cee-a-mosa in a circle. You do not have to draw it this way, it works well… Continue Reading

Work in Progress


Working on a new large project. Actually started this in Florida, I need to finish it up here in Maine. The background is Dylusions Ink Spray, my standby, my go-to product. London blue and bubblegum pink. That mix in the middle is arukas and my own airways. The overall piece is 9″ x 12″, this is… Continue Reading

A Little Airport Tangling


If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you already know how much I love color. Bright color. In your face bold color. I love it! You will also know that we recently moved way north. Thankfully it doesn’t reach 100-105° F here – hallelujah – but it does require me to make… Continue Reading

New Must Have Book for Tanglers


 My tangling friend Genevieve Crabe has just released a new book. She is a master of color and here she has created a new book of . . . pre-colored backgrounds meant to be drawn on. Or tangled. And the best part? This is Volume 1! Here is a link to purchase her book on  Amazon…. Continue Reading

Practice, Practice, Practice


Some time ago I was part of a Facebook group dedicated to making stacks of tangles. Literally stacking one pattern on top of another. I find after all this time it is still the best way for me to practice tangles I love, or tangles that are new to me, or just ones that need… Continue Reading



Too much happening in my life. Seriously. And I am sick on top of everything else. BUT I wanted to share a little dragonair and punzel fun with you! These two tangles are so much fun to draw! You can never go wrong with either one. Click the pink link to take you to step outs. Have… Continue Reading

Drawing on a Wall


A couple posts ago I showed you where I had started tangling on a wall in my studio. I don’t get to work on it as often as I’d like, but this is where I am so far with it. Working on a little ‘floaty’ feeling, open and whimsical. So many ideas, so little time. Hahaha! I… Continue Reading