Shiretown, A New Tangle

 Thank you for being patient while Cindy and I tracked down the problem with the blog.
It has been corrected and you should not have
any more of those nasty pop up boxes
to deal with.
To celebrate, allow me to introduce you to
Shiretown, a new tangle!
Back in the summer, Mark and I traveled to Maine
to look at some houses.
We overnighted in a hotel name Shiretown.
This is phone photo I took of the carpet in the hallway.
Many of my tangles come from carpets.
 Deconstructing that pattern was simple.
You just break it down one step at a time,
much the same way you draw a tangle.
One step at a time.
 Shiretown makes a fine border as you can see.
 I really, really love tangling this in a circle!
In the background you see another of my patterns –
barz. No step out drawn, just rows with a series
of straight and diagonal cross lines.

And here is another tile I did using shiretown.

Add a little zander and some

Knights of the Round Table.

Shiretown looks great in black and white,

but it also looks great with a pop of color.

Why don’t you give shiretown a try?

I would love to see what you do with it!

The Creator's Leaf

8 thoughts on “Shiretown, A New Tangle

  1. Very nice. Reminiscent of Zenith the way it begins, but then you've added spirals. I like the elongated 'S's in the carpet and may try putting those in, although one would then need to draw the tangle a little larger.

    • zenith goes much further 🙂 i hadn't realized they start the same. i'd love to see shiretown if you put the s shapes in it 🙂

  2. It's such a great way of kicking off inspiration for a pattern – thanks for including the photo of the carpet. This looks like it will be a really versatile tangle to play with. I am so so pleased about your blog getting sorted out. Take care of yourself. Paula (PEP)

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