Dylusions on Canson Illustrated


With our big move coming up,

 it is hard to fit in tangle time each day.

Each room of the house has boxes stacked up.

Boxes, plastic containers, bags, stacks of items.

What a logistical nightmare.

But we are tackling it –

one stage at a time.

This week?

The first wave of furniture goes out,

quickly followed by the second wave.


The above piece of art was created on a sheet of Canson Illustrated board,

using Dylusions Ink Sprays.

I do have other art supplies,

I just don’t love them as much!

What’s on your desk this week?

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Dylusions on Canson Illustrated

  1. Just my colours!! Looks terrific with the different weighting of lines & that super framework about the edges. I sympathise wholeheartedly with the boxes. It drove us made when we had 2 rooms stacked with them for 8 months or so, even with labelled boxes you forget what's where. I'm still looking for things that I rehomed, & found a measuring jug yesterday I thought I'd rehomed & hadn't!!

    • We are really trying to take the bare minimums plus all my art and all his hunting and fishing stuff. Take the fun stuff and leave the boring behind.

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