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Would you like your work published in a book? 
Want a free copy of the next book 

in our 

Tangle It! series?

Get out your pens and start drawing! 
To begin the New Year, the Simalinas –
Alice Hendon, Ina Sonnenmoser, and Simona Cordara 

 came up with the awesome idea to hold a competition.

A coloring page competition!

Artists are invited to provide a coloring page and post it in the Facebook group

 before January 10, 2016. 
On that day we will start a poll where group members can vote for their favorite coloring page. The top 3 entries in each group will be published in our next book and the winners will receive a free copy of the book as soon as it becomes available (end of February/beginning of March, 2016.)
Entry requirements:
1. The drawing area is 6″x9″ – anything exceeding this ratio will be cropped.
2. The drawing should be black and white without shading.
3. Your artwork must be signed and dated (copyright, ya know.)
4. Users from the group are allowed to download and color. By posting you are giving your permission for them to do so.
5. Keep a scan of the original artwork at a resolution of 300 dpi available. If you win, we will require this scan to include in the book.

The poll will run-through January 17, 2016. 
The winner will be announced on Monday, January 18th.

Happy drawing and good luck to all participants!

Tip: You are welcome to participate in both groups – twice the chance to win. 
This competition brought to you by the authors of the best selling Tangle It! series. 

Available on Amazon.

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