A New Year’s Kind of Maine


The day after Christmas saw Mark and I heading to Maine.

We already had snow on the ground when we got there.

And this would be why the car rental place shouldn’t rent rear wheel drive cars to people driving on the snow and ice. We had to call AAA out twice to tow the car out of the driveway.

Which prompted this late night run back to Bangor.

A two hour trip turned into three and a half hours one way,

but we got an SUV with 4-wheel drive and did much better.

The following morning we headed back to the house.

Roads were minimally better when we got back to the area.

And the snow continued.

And continued. Over the two days of snow we got about 15 inches total. We think.

This is the door to the balcony from the upstairs bedroom. Ha! Lots of snow!

Straight up towards the driveway from the kitchen window.

From the side of the house, looking towards the back yard.

From the upstairs bedroom balcony.

Then from the back looking up towards the front of the yard.

We were able to get a couple folks with snow plows to come around and help us out.

That will be one thing we need to take care of when we live there full time.

Back yard at sunset. 

In the midst of everything we were able to get back out to the furniture store and get this new rug.

I love it!

We moved the other one upstairs to the alcove.

Scenery? Maine has it!

In abundance!

 Fields and fields of endless white snow.
 And there sitting off the side of the road,
was a little sitting area.
I guess it’s a little park.
 Mud Pond, not far from our house. 
And we got there at sunset.
Across the center of the pond. We are pretty sure we were
standing on frozen pond at this point.
Here is the same shot from a couple months ago. 
 This is on the way home from Houlton.
Love that reflection in the pond.

It is so beautiful in Maine. I can’t wait to get my real camera up there, and use something other than my phone.

All in all, a pretty great New Years!

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3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Kind of Maine

  1. You got a real taste of Maine in the winter. You'll be needing a couple of snow machines or 4-wheelers when you come for good. Beautiful photos, even if it is with your phone.

  2. Wow, what gorgeous photos. I love the snow. I just wish I could convince my husband to move someplace like this, but he hates the snow. So there won't be any compromising there. Oh well. Enjoy your new home, and Happy New Year……Linda E.

  3. Your photos are stunning – what a super post & documentary of your moving adventure, Glad you managed to get the SUV 4-wheel, another alternative might be a Volvo – my parents had one with special steering to cope with the Welsh Winters. Paula (PEP)

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