Thursday String Idea #10

 Welcome to the Thursday String Idea.
This week’s string is a basic spiral
that you can turn any direction you want.
Upside-down, rightside-up.
It’s your call.
To print the string at the correct size for
a 3 1/2″ tile, click here.

My spiral is flipped from what you see in the string.

And I opted to use my spiral on a larger size

than the 3 1/2″ square.

Some of the tangles I used are:

popsicles, ixorus, indyrella, antidots, printemps, flux, sedgling, and sanibelle.

All can be found on .

Spirals are fun, sometimes a challenge,

but always fun!

I would love to see what you do with this week’s string.

If you haven’t tried one of them yet,

this would be a good time to start.

Click here to be taken to a printable page.

The Creator's Leaf

3 thoughts on “Thursday String Idea #10

  1. Morning Alice! Thank you so much for sharing your work on this fantastic blog. I read it everytime you publish. I was wondering how you added the color to the background of your tile for String Idea #10. Have a wonderful day and thank you for inspiring all of us.

  2. Terrifically atmospheric underwater scenario, I have to confess to a fascination for spirals & just love the movement you have drawn into this. Sedglings really look as if they're alive & swimming furiously.Paula (PEP)

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