Thursday String Idea #6

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 Welcome to Week 6 of the
Thursday String Idea!
I am sorry I missed posting last week.
Mark and I were in Maine looking at houses.
The Florida heat is really messing with me and we want to move to a cooler climate.
We did a lot of research before we went.
We knew exactly what we wanted.
And even though our ‘dream’ cabin turned out to be a dud,
the realtor pointed us towards a dream house we would have
never looked at because of the price.
Fortunately, since we first saw that house online –
and the time we went to see it last week –
the seller dropped the price $30,000.00
which made an unattainable house suddenly attainable.
Long story short – the seller accepted our offer and we should be closing on this beautiful home in a little over a month.
Blog post with tons of photos coming soon!

Anyway, I am back this week with string #6.

You can print the string out here – it is sized to fit a 3 1/2″ tile. If you want additional size links, just let me know and I will make it happen.

The tangles I used are fiore and frost flower.

It reminds me of the Starship Enterprise for some reason. Hehehehe.

In case you missed the link above,

here it is again.

Print the string from this link and tangle away!

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One thought on “Thursday String Idea #6

  1. Absolutely love your use of Frostflower – so so effective, oh I have ideas for this one………….. think I'd better start a notebook called Alice Strings!Paula (PEP)

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