Scrap Tangling


I love my Dylusions Ink Sprays.

I use them all the time.

I love lots of bright, wonderful, vivid color.

Can you tell?

 And I never throw any of it away.
I have scraps that are 1″ x 3″.
Occasionally I will pick up a scrap
and start tangling on it.

I try to tangle within the color.

Find a patch of color and start there,

then just go with whatever direction

it takes me in.

My heart tells me when it is finished.

And this piece?

Is finished.

No up or down,

no right way for it to be positioned.

Just lots of yummy, colorful, tangled up fun!

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Scrap Tangling

  1. I love the way you just go with the flow – that second one is my favourite with the way you used that bright red spot & centred your starburst/dandelion head (haven't a clue of the name) tangle around it. One can feel your pleasure in these. Paula (PEP)

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