Sunz, New Step Outs

Sunz is a tangle I started drawing a couple years ago.

I have some step-outs on my pinterest board

and buried here in my blog,

but figured now that I know how to draw

better step-outs, I would give it another go.

This is the actual piece of art I designed sunz for three years ago.
It was one of the very first zentangle inspired
pieces I drew.
That wall behind the sunz, is another tangle of mine called crete.

My drawing skills have developed a bit in three years, too.


Here is a piece I tangled this afternoon,

featuring sunz!

Please feel free to pin these newer step-outs.

They look so much better!

11 thoughts on “Sunz, New Step Outs

  1. Wow these are just so incredible thank you for sharing…I'm new to Zentangle and your blog inspires me muchly. Subscribed and Pinned 😀

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