A Little Teaser

Home, sweet home.
I mentioned in the last post that we were back in the states.
We had a great trip!
And this lady pictured above with me was a huge part of our wonderful going home visit!
I met Christy on facebook.
She runs a group for people who were stationed at the naval base I grew up on.
Her group is called
Naval Facility Argentia, Newfoundland.
We currently have 1,841 members! Wow!
Anyway, I met Christy through that page and we began an online friendship.
When Mark and I decided to visit the rock, Christy offered to tour guide for us
and ‘tour guide’ she did!
Here we are on our first full day there,
getting ready to head out on the O’Brien’s Boat Tour
to look for whales, ice bergs, and a half a million puffins.
No joke. That will be a post all by itself.
 Mark set up on the front of the boat so he could use his camera to video the trip. The water is deceptive here. We were in a sheltered harbor where the wind did not reach. It was a whole different story once we got out of the harbor.
White caps, winds, rough water and weather.
Thankfully I had on a seasick patch and had taken a prescribed pill to help, otherwise it would have been an awful trip for me.
I told Mark I’d have to wear a patch just to watch the video.
 Most of what we saw on this boat ride looked like this.
This is part of an island where thousands and thousands of birds live.
Seagulls, murre, and puffins.
And they live on solid rock, and in some places patchy grass.
It has been said that Newfoundland is all rock and water,
and that is a fairly accurate statement.

On a rare occasion you will find some grass.

And dirt. Occasionally.

This coastline is pretty standard fare there.

This beach is what I think of when I think of ‘the beach.’

Living here in Florida the beaches are totally different,

but when I think of home, this is what comes to mind.

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