Tangling in the Round


There is a wonderful tangle artist named Michele Beauchamp.

She is also a CZT and I have followed her work online

for two years now.

Shelly lives in Australia and does the most

exquisite linework.

(You should go google her right now and look at images.)

Recently she tangled a piece in the round and it was so beautiful

that I wanted to give it a go myself.

I drew this a couple nights ago while watching reruns of M*A*S*H.

(I don’t believe I’ve ever drawn something this big

in one night before.)

This is the unshaded view.

I hate to shade, but I figured this piece deserved a little shading.

So I added some very basic shading in a few areas.

What a difference it makes!

Can’t wait to frame this piece.

Why don’t you give tangling in the round a try?

You might just fall in love with it.

A friend of mine called this piece – stacking on steroids.

Yep, pretty much! Hahahaha!

Zentangle has these cool large tiles now.

I tangled this circle piece on a 10.5″ square

official tile called the Opus.

I used microns, a Sharpie fine point pen, graphite, and a tort. 

4 thoughts on “Tangling in the Round

  1. Shelly's work is one of a kind but so is yours – I think that's what's so wonderful about tangling. Thank you for showing the before & after shading too – it is so encouraging to see your explorations with different effects. Whenever I see your name come up on the blog list of posts I wonder what treat is in store for me. I'm slowly getting to like shading!!Paula (PEP)

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