Daily Twinchies, Week Six


Here is my week six in the daily twinchies quest

for 2015.


Not bad, considering there have been eight weeks

in 2015 already.

This week I seemed to be leaning more towards

organic tangles.

I tend to be doing that more and more lately.

The real news is – – – I am in Colorado!

Visiting Kali, my pastry chef.

Up to our eyeballs in snow. Good grief!

(And if you read yesterday’s post,

you know I am typing these posts out ahead of time.

I just know they are buried in snow right now,

and it’s still snowing.)


2 thoughts on “Daily Twinchies, Week Six

  1. I see the effect of the lines from yesterday's in miniature here……. nice touch! Your butterfly is great fun & I love the circular nature you got in with this collection. I think the first one has to be my favourite. Take care with the snow. Paula (PEP)

    • haha! i realized i posted this while i am still at home. leaving in a couple hours. prayers for me not getting altitude sickness would be awesome!

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