Daily Twinchies, Week Six


Here is my week six in the daily twinchies quest for 2015. Hahaha! Not bad, considering there have been eight weeks in 2015 already. This week I seemed to be leaning more towards organic tangles. I tend to be doing that more and more lately. The real news is – – – I am in… Continue Reading

Taking to the Skies


I almost named this post On the Road Again, but I remembered that – – – oh, yeah! I’m flying, not driving! And I have my iPad all ready with the Mockingjay, Part I loaded to watch while I’m trying not to throw up! I haven’t posted in a couple days because the Frankles was… Continue Reading



 I’m having so much with this art journaling Facebook group I’m in! I’m trying new things, but still the hardest part for me is the “journaling’ part of art journaling.  And of course, I’m running behind. The prompt was birds. I struggled with this for a week, wondering what to do. Then I was cleaning… Continue Reading

Remember Your Roots

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Way back when I first started mixing color with zentangle – about 2 years ago – the only watercolors I had were in our home school supplies. Basic little watercolor pans from the school row at WalMart. And though I’ve since advanced to some pretty nifty watercolors from big name art suppliers, I still like… Continue Reading

Proverbs 3:5 Completed, I Think

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 In my last post I introduced you to Bible Journaling. I have to tell you I was really uncomfortable drawing in my Bible. Hahaha! I’ve taken notes in my Bible for years, so it shouldn’t have bothered me. But it did. This is what I showed you last post. It was my very first attempt… Continue Reading

Bible Journaling


You may remember that a couple weeks ago I went to Stamp Fest and learned a lot of new things. One lady asked me if I had ever heard of Bible journaling. I had not, but I tucked the term away to pull out later. Earlier this week, a really nice lady started following my… Continue Reading

Garlic and Joey


I’ve been playing with this shape a lot lately. (I’m so cold I’m having trouble typing. Back space, correct, go forward, repeat.) Playing with different ways to fill this shape – that totally looks like a bulb of garlic to me, for some reason. That background is a 5″ x 7″ pull from a gelli… Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #96 – Back in the Game


So glad that Erin is back with the Zendala Dare! Erin has actually posted three since she’s come back, I’m just now getting around to completing them. She’s been busy with nursing school and a career, but now Erin is back with a template: This is what she gave us to work with. I had… Continue Reading

A New Venture


Last week, Mark and I went to the Bass Pro store for their annual fishing blowout. So, of course, while Mark shopped Bass Pro, I shopped the mall attached to it. In an attempt to revitalize the mall, they have added a huge art display and shopping district.  Of the 40-50 artist’s booths set up,… Continue Reading

Beckah’s New Book – And I’m In It!


I know my post title may sound a bit presumptuous, but I am so excited that Beckah Krahula decided to include my art in her new book! 500 Tangled Artworks, A Showcase of Inspired Illustrated Designs does just that. It showcases the creative work of many exceptional artists – worldwide. I am so thrilled to… Continue Reading