Spill Ink on Your Project?


I have had a request for more tutorials here on The Creator’s Leaf, but I have to tell this tutorial was not a planned one. This is a post of necessity.

Off and on for the past week I have been drawing – and adding to – this 8″ x 8″ tangle. A little here, a little there, as I had the time. Last night I was happy with where the drawing had arrived and pulled out my copics to start some coloring.

I was rolling along fairly well until this happened. Do you see it, just there? (I sound like Hermione to Ron, “you have dirt on your nose. Just there. Did you know?”) My pinkish copic was working very well as I colored parts of those zingers, then all of a sudden a big blob of color popped right out and onto my paper. I had no chance to even react. The marker just spit that color right out onto my drawing I’ve been working on for a week. Needless to say I was not happy.

So not happy. I grabbed my blender and tried to salvage some of the area, this was the best I could get the blob reduced to. I was so not happy. I can’t even tell you how not happy. I shut everything down for the night and went to sleep.

My original thought last night was to throw the whole project in the trash, thankfully I didn’t do that. I’ve told my kids over the years something I learned from my dad – that typically nothing is broken so badly that it can’t be fixed, or mended, or altered in a workable manner. So. I woke up this morning with the thought that  – shoot! I can totally camouflage that blob! So out came my trusty little circle template. I had circles spaced around the project already, I just decided to add another. If I  hadn’t already had circles figured into the drawing, I could have certainly added them at this point. I just needed to figure out a way to salvage what I already had – by adding something else. Pulling out an existing element and making it work in this blobby area.

In my haste – and probably partially due to all the cold medicines I’m taking – I didn’t even realize I drew right over the top of the zinger stem. I also drew into the leaf – which I did realize. Ugh. So I grabbed a small tip pen and drew hash lines along the edges of some of the leaves to camouflage the error. 

To cover up the line through the stem – I added lines to all the zinger stems. Not a big deal, an easy fix. Then I drew another circle to go around that pink blob.

Finished coloring the circle, added some hashlines to a few other leaves to balance the drawing out, and I had my pink blob repaired and good to go.

Then I finished up the coloring with some other copics, At You Spica glitter pens, and my Wink of Stella glitter markers. Love those pens!

So, if you need to cover up a blob of ink – or a portion of your drawing that didn’t turn out like you expected – look for an element that is already present in your drawing. Perhaps you will find one that you can replicate in the problem area to camouflage/fix it. And have fun!

(The idea for this drawing came from artwork of my friend Marizaan Van Beek. Marizaan is a fellow CZT who lives in South Africa.)

7 thoughts on “Spill Ink on Your Project?

    • easy to do, fifi! i miss talking with you on a regular basis. hope you are still involved in your art 🙂

  1. This is breathe taking, blob and all. loved it before the color and love it after.

    • hahaha! thanks! i like it both ways, too, but i always lean towards bright colors 🙂 on almost everything

    • i've thought about it, caren, but not sure i'm going to be able to get there this year. perhaps next go round 🙂

  2. Beautiful piece of art, Alice. I would have had a fit over that ink blob too, but you saved it very nicely. Great idea, and thanks for sharing it……Linda E.

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