My First Completed Face :)

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So much fun I had today! I’m taking a year long class called Life Book and I am really just now getting into some of the lessons. (Now that the year is coming to a close soon.) This is the very first face I’ve ever completed! I tried one other earlier, but never finished it. So . . . yay, me!!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love these Dylusions Ink Sprays from Dyan Reaveley! I have no idea why this photo is so dark on the left side, but don’t you just love those bright colors? At this point I noticed that dark green spot in the middle, and I knew it was going to be a problem. I needed to tone it down. Dylusions are very cool because you can reactivate them with water, which is what I did. I sprayed some water right on that dark spot, and lifted some of the color with a paper towel.
Then I had this, but needed to do more. So. More water . . .
. . . and I was happy with this. I knew I’d be adding more water and it would probably lighten up some more. So I just kept on working. Layering and layering.
Next I started laying in some more color in that top section. This will eventually be hair, flowing and colorful.
A little bit of color here and there came from Golden fluid acrylics and water, just to add a pop and fill in some areas. And I used a couple stencils to add some texture.
And the scary part began!
Add a little color and keep on building.
So I missed a whole lot of steps in the photographing. Hahaha! Sorry. I just kept filling in color and ‘protecting the face.’ I wish I knew how many times Tamara Laporte said ‘protect the face’ in the class video. Haha! and she is so right!
Layer and build and detail. So much fun! Tam said it was like thoughts flowing from her mind. All the cool, imagination and creativity. I love it!
So much fun! Frankie is coming tomorrow, so the art-making will come to a halt for a few days. I kept a few projects held back so I would have something to post. Then I want to get back to making pretty colors and awesome ladies! Hahahaha!

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  1. Wow, first face? Sure doesn't look like it. I love all the color. To me color is life, color is a smile, color is just amazing. Isnt Tamara the greatest teacher? I have taken a couple of classes from her also and I just love her style of teaching and creative art.

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