One More TootsieMoon


As promised, one more tile featuring TootsieMoon. You’ve seen it straight, you’ve seen it round, and now you see it meandering. In case you didn’t see the step-out for TootsieMoon, scroll down to the next post and you can see step by step how to draw it out. How to tangle a little TootsieMoon for yourself. And once again – no shading on this piece yet, because I want to color it first. Maybe. Not sure. I’m kind of liking it just like this. So maybe a little shading to come. Hahaha!

Today I also finally did some cutting on a couple sheets of handmade Japanese paper that I bought in Toronto a short time ago. I was really nervous about that – but everything turned out great. I took photos and I hope that will be a post for tomorrow. In the meantime – have fun with TootsieMoon!

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