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Exciting news!!! Certified Zentangle Teachers Cris Letourneau and Sonya Yencer have released their new book Pattern Play: A Zentangle Creativity Booster! As a contributing artist to the book, I received my copy this weekend and I love it!

Pattern Play walks you through 21 meditative tangle patterns, including 126+ tangleations and 80+ idea starters to help you step up your tangle game. And – – – yay!!! they included one of my patterns, complete with the step-out and six tangleations. 

They even used some of my original artwork showcasing veez! Thank you, ladies! I am beyond excited!

And on another page, they used some of my art to demonstrate the tangle they were teaching. (This is actually part of the first dragon I ever drew!)

Pattern Play is formatted to be a workbook of sorts, with lots of space for you to practice these tangles and tangleations. It offers encouragement for you to develop your own spin on the patterns and make them unique and specific to your own style. Beginning tangler? Or experienced tangler? It makes no difference. There is something for everyone in Pattern Play!

Pattern Play is available for purchase on CreateSpace right now! Click on this link and use coupon 3GGG4FMT to get 15% off!  I believe they are holding a copy with your name on it!

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7 thoughts on “Pattern Play is Here!

  1. Congratulations that's very exciting! I'm always happy when another book on Zentangles is published!

  2. Congrats Alice very hapoy for you.Joy!! I'm buying this book need to learn so much!! This book looks amazing xo

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