Sunset Colors

I have been crazy busy lately. I’m trying to finish up some edits on senior photos for friends, I just wrapped up artwork for another book submission, and I recently found a wonderful group on Facebook dedicated to the navy base in Argentia, Newfoundland where I grew up. I have been having a blast looking at old yearbooks, posting an old yearbook – literally, searching the house for photos and mementos, reading everyone’s posts and looking at pictures. So much fun! And now I seriously want to go visit the place where I grew up. But until then . . . still working on art for books. What you see above is a cut off/trash portion of one of the pieces. I can not post the work I submitted, but I can show you the trash/leftovers. Ta-da!!! I never throw anything away, I will finish this section up and post a completed version soon. Carolyn Boettner described my color preferences as sunset colors. I guess she’s right :).

The Creator's Leaf

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