Sunset Colors

I have been crazy busy lately. I’m trying to finish up some edits on senior photos for friends, I just wrapped up artwork for another book submission, and I recently found a wonderful group on Facebook dedicated to the navy base in Argentia, Newfoundland where I grew up. I have been having a blast looking… Continue Reading

Falling Behind

It has been a slow week as far as postable artwork. I am working on art for another book. It’s been a busy time for that kind of thing with a lot of new books coming out between now and Christmas. In the middle of drawing, and tangling, and coloring, my Etsy store has finally… Continue Reading

Underwater Steampunk?


Underwater steampunk? That was my husband’s comment when he saw this piece in progress – that it looked like underwater steampunk. How did I come to this end result? So glad you asked. I must apologize because I totally forgot to take a photo of the before page. Recently I came across an excellent sale… Continue Reading

Frankie Time

We are going to be spending some time with our little Frankie Bear this week. Mom and Dad are working long hours, so she’s staying with us! Yay!!!  Started our visit with a trip to Wal-mart for a few things we forgot and then a stop at Sonny’s for some mashed potatoes and french fries!… Continue Reading

Round and Round and Round

Round and round and round I go. Running in circles. Getting nothing accomplished. It has been one of those days. Actually, I spent most of the day with my mom – going to the dentist, hanging out, feeling frustrated because she can not hear most of what I say, but feeling blessed that I still… Continue Reading


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Love this new tangle ‘lola’ by my CZT buddy Sandy Hunter. Here is a link to her blog post where she intros her tangle with the step-out and some awesome adaptations. I am still working on it, but so far I am pleased with what I have. For some reason the curviness of it is… Continue Reading


Aquafleur was never my friend. I tried this tangle several times and basically gave up on it. Then, last month I attended a training/workshop where an instructor taught us her way to draw aquafleur. And it just clicked. It made sense. Aquafleur is now comfortable for me. At least in a flower shape. Hmmmm. Perhaps I… Continue Reading


Lately I have been playing with primarily one pattern at a time. Right now it’s phicops. There are so many ways to adapt this tangle. Here it reminds me a lot of dragonair. Or flower pots. Hehehehe!



Blooming-butter. A cool tangle from Michele Beauchamp, I’ve not been successful before in drawing it until recently. Meredith Yuhas taught at Retreat to Paradise and blooming-butter was one of the tangles she taught us how to draw. I get it now. I love it when you take a complicated looking pattern and tear it down… Continue Reading

Thinking of the Beach

I am back home and trying to get back in the swing of posting on a regular basis. I have good intentions, but life keeps interrupting my progress. Some of the Facebook tangle artists are having a tile swap, so that’s what I’ve been working on. I like the spirals, this time I tried something a little… Continue Reading