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Last week I attended a wonderful, fun-filled couple of days in Paradise! Paradise Beach in Florida that is, at the Retreat to Paradise. A fast-packed three days learning new techniques with some fellow tanglers – what an awesome time we had! This was the retreat’s second year being held, and I’m fortunate to say it was my second year being there. 

We had some real heavy-hitters for instructors! Margaret Bremner has long been my go-to artist when I look at mandalas and whoot! whoot! Margaret was one of our instructors! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to be in her class and learn from her. Over the next couple posts I will be able to show you a bit more of what I learned, but for today I wanted to share our first project. This one was a bit more structured than the other mandalas Margaret taught. As a retired homeschool mom I fully understand that different people learn in different ways. One of the things I enjoyed about Margaret’s teaching was that she taught to different learning perspectives. She walked us through this project step by step. Draw this, do this, make this happen here. As I post the other two projects, you will see that the teaching direction took different forms, allowing us to take what we learned in making this mandala and make the other two with less direction. Pretty awesome stuff! 

In building the above mandala, I learned a new tangle. One I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. It’s called crossview and it comprises that center focal point. Crossview was designed by Daniele O’Brien, CZT, and it was a lot of fun to draw! I love how dimensional the shading makes it! You should go to Daniele’s blog link in pink just right up there and give it a go yourself! Now to finish up those other mandalas and get them posted!

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