What a Difference a Shade Makes


I started this drawing quite some time ago, but didn’t like the way it was going. I put it away and decided last night to bring it back out and work on it again. In the past, I would have left it unshaded, but recently I’ve been working on my shading. Even though I like the drawing… Continue Reading

It’s a Fanta-Sea World


Wow! It’s really hard to blogpost from the iPad. This type looks huge. If it seems like I’m screaming at you – – – sorry. I don’t mean to.  I finally finished the underwater drawing we started in Melbourne, in Meredith Yuhas’ class. Twinkling H2Os, some sea salt, microns, graphite, white charcoal, and a gelly… Continue Reading

Mandalas With Margaret Bremner


Last week I attended a wonderful, fun-filled couple of days in Paradise! Paradise Beach in Florida that is, at the Retreat to Paradise. A fast-packed three days learning new techniques with some fellow tanglers – what an awesome time we had! This was the retreat’s second year being held, and I’m fortunate to say it… Continue Reading

Shading Makes the Difference


I actually drew this garden about a year ago and posted it then. I pretty much hated to shade anything and rarely ever made the effort. Last week I went to a class taught by Meredith Yuhas, one of our CZTs, and Meredith taught us a quick way of shading that I really locked on… Continue Reading

Cheerios and Blueberries

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It has been a busy winter, and I’ve even had a busy start to my spring. The Florida pollen is in full force and my time spent outside is at a minimum. Can you say allergies and gesundheit? (I totally had to google how to spell that!) One positive side to the pollen is that… Continue Reading