Trying New Things

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Wow! That’s really big! You can see every line I drew and all my little slip-ups, too.  >,< Actually, I like the pictures being big so you can appreciate all the lovely color against the black backdrop of the blog :).

So, it’s 2014 already. Seriously? What happened to 2013? Our family seemed to have a fairly eventful year:

Jason and Bobbie blessed us with a beautiful little precious granddaughter in Frankie. She was five weeks early, and weighed 4 pounds, 9 ounces. Beautiful and perfect in every way.

Kali moved to Maryland to attend culinary school and is on the way to realizing her dream of being a professional pastry chef. She is working at a world-class French restaurant in their pastry kitchen when she isn’t at school.

Mark continues to work at Shands and hunts every chance he gets, and I do mean every chance.

Nicole and Dale are still enjoying life with all six of their children. Nicole changed jobs this year and seems to be enjoying life immensely. I love to read her and Dale’s facebook statuses! They make me smile on a regular basis.

I have had some health issues this year, and continue to work with them, trying to get things back to normal. It’s been a very stressful year for me personally, but the family is all doing great. I continue my journey into the new land of art and creativity. My art was published in two books this year. I can tell you that it feels really strange to stand in a store and see your artwork staring back at you from a page in one of the books for sale!

Here’s hoping that 2014 will see even more positive changes. Some new things, if you will. Kali will be finishing school and continuing with her two-year commitment to the restaurant. Little Frankie will celebrate her first birthday. I have artwork coming out in at least two new books this year, will be starting to co-write a book with a friend, and will continue working on my own e-book.

May 2014 be rosy and bright for you and your family. May God richly bless you and provide for you in abundance as you honor Him with your life. Thank you for hanging in there with me and The Creator’s Leaf in 2013! You are appreciated more than you will ever know! Hugs!!!

The Creator's Leaf

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  1. Your pen work stands up ever so well to enlargement! I mean it!! You've certainly had a full year – I know what you mean about 2013 though, what happened?? I still cannot quite comprehend that it flew by THAT fast. Exciting to hear about your artwork appearing in more books – well done. You take care & may He richly bless you too, you give much with your blog, artwork & friendship across the miles.Much lovePaula (PEP)

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