Butterfly Magic


Lately I have been working on backgrounds. Lots of backgrounds. They are such fun! This is what I’m working on today, the day after Thanksgiving. I passed up Black Friday shopping to stay home and make art. That’s a good tradeoff anyday! A few posts back, I showed you some backgrounds I’d been building. This… Continue Reading

Hazardous-Reviews, Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Unfamiliar with Hazardous-Reviews? Well, that’s something we hope to change.  Hazardous-Reviews is a website/movie review blog written and managed by my son, Jason Hendon.  He reviews various genres of movies, including movies in theatres, on Redbox, and Netflix.  Today, Hazardous-Reviews has posted a critique of Catching Fire, giving it a 5 out of 5 stars. I’ve… Continue Reading

Love These Colors!


This has been keeping me busy over the past couple days. A few posts back, I showed you some backgrounds I’ve been working on. This is the first one I’ve tangled up. Here are some detail shots: I love this tangle of Sandra Strait’s called Urchin. That’s exactly what it looks like. I added that… Continue Reading

Guest Artist Nancy Wigley


Today I want to share some artistic backgrounds from Nancy Wigley. Nancy is a Facebook friend I met through my The Creator’s Leaf page. She has been following my artisitic endeavors for a while now, which led to Nancy giving the inks and sprays a try out of her own. To make this beautiful blue… Continue Reading

Making Backgrounds


Today I wanted to take a break from tangling and just start some backgrounds. I had some new product I wanted to try out, so that’s what I did. What you see above is a spread in my art journal. The background is complete and ready for me to start adding either journaling, ephemera, pictures,… Continue Reading

Diva Challenge #145


Today I felt like playing with some color. This is one of those blown out rings I showed you how to create two posts back. It just screamed sea urchin to me and thankfully I was perusing Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s book Totally Tangled and came across this tangle by Sandra Strait – called urchin! It… Continue Reading

A Little Christmas Fun


Having a little Christmas fun here today. Recently, a friend of mine sent me a pinterest link to some beautiful ornaments. I just knew a had to give it a go, so today I made three of them. That one above is one of mine. Thank you for the pin, Sandy! So, what you need… Continue Reading

More ATC Backgrounds


Today I finished up the backgrounds for the CZT ACT Deck Swap. Again, these are the Dylusions Ink Sprays, this one specifically is After Midnight and Funky Fuchsia. Once I had the color on the paper, I sprayed more water on top. Once I had some good puddles, I tilted the paper letting the colors… Continue Reading

Massive ATC Attack Coming Right Up!


 Lately I have been tangling large scale projects, then cutting them down into sixteen separate ATCs for swaps.  Well, the CZTs (Certified Zentangle® Teachers) have decided to have our own ATC swap. We are tangling the equivalent of a deck of cards, plus one. Fifty-three ATCs per deck.  And some of us have opted to… Continue Reading

From Overwhelming to Beauty


Sometimes life gives us overwhelmingly daunting tasks. How we go about those tasks speaks of who we truly are. An overwhelming task doesn’t look so hopeless, so – well, overwhelming – when it is cut down into smaller sections. Taken one step at a time, with faith and determination, we can make it through this… Continue Reading