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I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have a friend working on a new book and I have been working on artwork to include – at least hopefully some of it will get accepted. 

Today I decided to take a break and work on a new project. I will tell you more about it tomorrow, but for today I took a sheet of Strathmore watercolor paper and spritzed it with water. For these wonderful colors, I used three shades of Dylusions Ink Sprays – calypso teal, lemon zest, and funky fuchsia – and spritzed them on top of the water. Then I let it sit for about 30 seconds as the colors started spreading. I spritzed a bit more water in areas that needed assistance, waited a few seconds, then rolled some paper towels over the top to pick up some of the liquid.  Next, I used four different stencils for some background texture. Place a stencil where you want some texture, spritz some water over it, wait about 15 seconds, then lift the stencil straight up. About 20-30 seconds later, dab the surface straight up and down with a paper towel. Beautiful texture just pops right through! When you get to where you want to be, hit it all with a heat gun to dry. 

Tomorrow I will go on to step number two and tell you what I’m working on. As soon as I figure it out :).

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  1. Found myself thinking of you as husband & I discussed the merits of shading………the fact that abstract art is two-dimensional & doesn't necessarily need shading (as in graphite) was a revelation to me. There you go boldly with oodles of colour & isn't it just so so effective………. oh we do need a very long chat you & I.Make sure you have some rest tooPaula (PEP)

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