Trying to Learn How to Draw


Fair warning – this post might be a little scary. I am trying to learn how to draw. Now, that’s a scary thought! I get told all the time that I draw really well, to which I always respond with, “I can not draw.” Like, not at all!

I am taking a class from Dion Dior, (wow! am I ever far behind!), and this particular lesson was a push for us to start sketching. Now, Dion is really, really talented! And it would seem she makes enough sense to be able to walk me through the basics of a couple pieces of fruit. (Hopefully you can tell what they are supposed to be. Hahaha!) My husband said that one of my pears is slumped over taking a nap :).

To say that I am stunned would be an understatement. I can even tell what they are! (Of course, I am cheating because I have the lesson plan.) Next? To paint some of these little guys. Yeah, that one may take a bit longer! But, I’m getting pumped, trying to psych myself up to get in the mood. Probably not going to be a happening thing today, though. Hahaha!

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8 thoughts on “Trying to Learn How to Draw

  1. My heartfelt sympathy – I KNOW! Shading – help, all those things & composition……… bit by bit we'll get there.Much lovePaula (PEP)

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