Heading Home (Old News, I’m Home Now)

I am actually typing this Saturday evening. Kali and I just went to see Austenland at the movie theatre. Not being a Jane Austen fan, I thought it was hilarious! I think Kali was offended through most of the first half, especially when I was laughing so loud. Not a serious movie at all. It’s about people who pay to go spend a week living the Pride and Prejudice life. So funny! Anyway, I am typing this up tonight and scheduling it hit the blog Monday during the early, early morning hours. I will be doing the drive back home to Florida, expecting to arrive late Tuesday if all goes well. I hope you have a great week!
Note: actually this is a post that was supposed to hit a couple days ago while Kali and I were driving to Florida. Something happened to my blog and many photos disappeared, and this didn’t post. For whatever reason, today all the pictures are back and things look normal again. So, here is a late post, hope you don’t mind that it’s late :).

2 thoughts on “Heading Home (Old News, I’m Home Now)

  1. Don't mind at all – just glad all your photos have jumped back into place without you having to fiddle about (technology is very odd sometimes).Hope you've caught up on sleep.Paula (PEP)

    • haha! on my trip i keep telling myself that sleep is overrated. now that i'm home, i'm having trouble sleeping. averaging about 4 decent hours of sleep a night. things need to get better.

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