Happy Birthday to Me


If you are as old as I am, you probably have some of these hanging around your house. Actually, I had mine stashed in two different places. Covered in dust, lots of dust which I’ve been working on removing. (That Lynyrd Skynyrd record is Freebird. Didn’t notice the title didn’t show until now.)

It’s my birthday today, turned sixty. Ugh. A couple weeks ago, I saw these turntables on Fab.com and sent an email to Mark that this particular one would be a good birthday present. Hint, hint.

Honestly, a wonderful present. Not only can I play 45s, 33s, and 78s, I can plug the player into my computer and make music CDs and MP3s. Good stuff! Kali and I spent some time this morning going through these old 45s. I have a lot of songs that she knows from Glee, only I have them in the original versions. Ha!  Tonight I am going to pull out the 78s and see what I saved there. Fun!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy Birthday to you! I am a year behind you…just turned 59 but I remember the 45's and wish I still had them. Hope you have a fabulous, fantastic, fun-filled day!Best of wishes to 60 years young!!!!D

  2. Happy Birthday! I turned 56 last month … I remember my Dad's old Victrola with a crank on the right side of the upright chest. It had a particular electric, mechanical oil smell when we played it. Dad had lots of thick old 78's from the 40s he collected. Wish I still had the old Vic and records! Enjoy your collection!! Truly tangible music from yesterday vs. mp3's and music clouds. Both clutter our "space" but only one can be seen and touched! Groovy!

    • i remember my grandfather's old radio – we used to sit around at night and listen to a music show my grandmother enjoyed 🙂

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