Getting Closer


 Two nights ago I showed you this digital stamp I was filling in with Copic markers. It’s the first project I’ve worked on since I came home from the training. I don’t have a lot of copics, so I spent last night trying to figure out what colors I DID have that would work. This… Continue Reading

On My Desk Tonight


This is what I am currently working on! I am trying to remember everything I learned at Copic instructor training, and trying to apply it with this sweet digital stamp I got for free from the Saturated Canary. I still have a good bit of work to do with her, but I wanted you to see… Continue Reading

Practice Grid


This lettering class – Letter Love 101, taught by Joanne Sharpe – is going to be a blast! Of course, I’m running behind – as always, still in lesson 4. I don’t think my lettering will ever be as cool as Joanne’s, but I’m working towards finding one or two that I’m comfortable with. And… Continue Reading

What a Quandary, Diva Challenge 107


Not totally happy with this, but posting it anyway. I am trying to get back into the swing of things with the challenges, but my life is always so busy that it’s hard to do. The Diva Challenge this past week was to try out Zentangle’s ® new tangle – Quandary. This was my first… Continue Reading

Whimsey Grids


Joanne Sharpe is the master of colorful, thought provoking statements and art, AND she teaches several online classes. One of which is called Letter Love 101. I started the class a little over a week ago and this was last night’s project. The lesson was called Whimsey Grids and this my interpretation. There is a… Continue Reading

Copic Training


This past week I was in Orlando for Copic certification training. My understanding is that now my name will go onto their website showing me as a certified Copic instructor. I hope I understood that right! I have to say that before I went I didn’t know a thing about using copic markers, as you… Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day. It is! Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day for showing love and appreciation. I started the day off with cards and chocolate for my husband and tonight we are going to eat at our local Italian restaurant – my favorite place :). Yay for Al at Mama Mia’s! Before I get… Continue Reading

The Perfect Size

Yesterday I went to Jacksonville to take my mom to the doctor. On the way home, I was able to stop at Office Depot – one of my favorite stores :). Yes, that is a bit strange, I understand. But, I just love going there – alone – so I can walk up and down… Continue Reading

Diva Challenge #105, String 038


This week’s Diva Challenge was to use Margaret Bremner’s pattern Dansk in a tile. It was also time for Tangle Patterns String 038 challenge, so I combined the two. Here is the string, provided by Barbara Finwall: I incorporated dansk, along with tipple and amaze to come up with the above tile. The loops of… Continue Reading

Splashin’ Some Paints


I’ve been wanting to play with paints lately and today was the day! These are the two final results. I know I still want to do a lot with these two-page spreads, but I’m still contemplating exactly what. Easy-peasy and literally about 10 minutes per spread. Here is what I did. I started with Dylusions’… Continue Reading