Playing Catch Up

It seems like most of the time I am playing catch-up! I am behind in posts, behind in blogging, behind in drawing, behind in my classes >.<, behind in my Etsy shop. It’s like the story of my life.

And that would explain why on January 12th, eighteen days after Christmas, I am just now posting some Christmas tangles. I’ve mentioned before that I am teaching a home school 4-H group the wonderful art of zentangle.

At our December meeting, we worked on Christmas projects. These photos are of my samples. I try to keep the cost down as much as possible for this class. I want the students to be able to re-create this projects at home as many times as they want to. The top two photos are of greeting cards I found at Walmart on the craft row. They came in packs of ten (I think) and were 97 cents a package.  The last photo is a project we made on gift boxes. At Christmas these boxes are plentiful. I got these five to a package at Walmart for $1.00 a set. Very affordable projects! These were meant to be starting/jumping off points for my students. They took these ideas and ran with them, doing an incredible job! Merry Christmas eighteen days late! (Now, on to my next overdue project!)

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3 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. To me it doesn't matter when you post, because I love to follow your blog and read everything. You've done a nice job with your class. Love these pics. Although my reason is very different from yours, I am also running behind most of the time and I know that feeling, but I am always curious to your next posting. Have fun playing catch up.

  2. If the outcome of all your "behinds" is as beautiful and awesome as this post, you shouldn't run forward too fast. It is a beautiful post and in Germany we say: "Good things need their time." Beside it is very helpful to me to learn from your post that I'm not the only one "beeing behind" sometimes.

  3. I know the feeling of being behind, I get confused often as in NZ we are ahead time wise my Thursday is your Wednesday, so the feeling is intensified! Love your work.

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