String Challenge 028

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I am really enjoying the string challenge that Linda Farmer presents every week on Tangle Patterns. This week’s string was provided by Australian tangler Ann Marks. This is what Ann gave us to use as our string:

They tell us each week that these strings can be used either exactly as they are posted, or we can use them as guidelines. When I started this tonight, I had no real end goal in mind. I’ve just been so miserable with this cold, I wanted to not have to think about anything and just draw.
Circles are not my best thing to draw, so I brought out my circle template and went from there. If you look closely, you can make out the string in my drawing. I didn’t set out to draw something so geometrical, I was surprised when I was ‘done’ and it looked like this! I’m not even sure this is a tangle pattern. Above you see unshaded.
And now you see shaded. Shading is something I keep working on. I read every article I come across about shading and I am learning that there are many ways to shade. Head on over to Tangle Patterns here to check out all the string drawings. You could even post one of your own! 

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