Diva Challenge #95

This week’s Diva Challenge is guest-hosted by Courtney Frantz. Looking forward to the anniversary of Disney cartoon “Steamboat Willie,” Courtney asked us to pay tribute to either Mickey, Minnie, or the man himself – Walter Elias Disney.
Several years ago I had an online scrapbook shop called Scrap Attack. I sold a lot of hand-made Disney paperbag scrapbook albums and a ton of paper pieced Disney characters and paraphernalia.
At our house, we are all about the Mouse! So this challenge wasn’t really a challenge at all for me. It was a celebration of Mickey! I chose a variation of Enyshou and it just sort of took off from there! Thanks for the fun challenge, Courtney! You can check out all the wonderful pieces of Disney art on the Diva‘s page, and perhaps add one of your own!

The Creator's Leaf

18 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #95

  1. Great fun with the red & black balloon images & the way you reversed the colours for their balloon strings.Intriguing pattern this one.Paula (PEP)

    • paula- this is the first time i've tried this pattern. it was monotonous and hard to keep doing. but i do like how it turned out – haha! and what's not to like about mickey mouse? have you ever been to disneyland or disney world?

  2. What a beautiful example of Enyshou! It worked great for Mickey's head, and I love it in that last photo with Mickey standing next to it =).Glenda

  3. Love the pattern you tangled with Mickey. I don't know that one Enyshou? Thank you for your comment on my blog and the great description of Tinkerbell flying down from the castle! That must really be exciting. I also took the Dion Dior Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencil class and was also always behind! Your flowers are beautiful, so vibrant and glowing with color.

    • thanks, gloria! the enyshou pattern is in our book of tangles we received at CZT training. i don't know recall ever seeing it online.

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