Watercolored Sunflowers


For several months now I have been following the artwork of Dion Dior. If you don’t know who she is you are missing out on some amazing artwork! Seriously, you should stop right now and go look at her blog. She gets the most vibrant, brilliant colors and you know I am all about the color! I found out she teaches an online watercolor pencil class through Joggles. You can see their course offerings here. I signed up for Dion’s class and already I am behind. Oh well. I am working on it!

Since this is a purchased class and a livelihood for Dion, I can not go into detail about the instruction but I can show you my first assignment. I began by sketching out a picture. And since I am really getting into zentangle® more and more, I used tangle patterns to make my actual shapes.

It’s called zentangle inspired art – ZIA.

Once I got my sketch the way I wanted it, I began filling in color with my water color pencils. I never know if that is one word or two. Water color or watercolor. And then depending on where you live it could be water color or water colour.

My pencil of choice is the Derwent Inktense Pencils. I love the vibrancy and depth in the colors!

You are really able to get some 3-D feel with the layers.

And they come in so many colors!

Once I was satisfied with the piece, I flicked a little color around the paper and called it done. I still have two other assignments before I complete week one. And week two has already been assigned. And on Tuesday we get week three :). Wow! Thankfully, Dion doesn’t mind if we work at our own pace. Thank you, Dion!!!! (I am a horrible example for my own students.)

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5 thoughts on “Watercolored Sunflowers

    • i am enjoying it, aquarius! i have admired dion's work for some time and am excited to be able to learn from her! thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. The sunflowers are wonderful! That is so cool that you tangled them. I am waiting to take Dion's Silks (acrylic glaze) class. I love the color you get from those pencils. Can you use watercolor crayons in her class, too, or just the pencils?

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