Oh my gosh, the trees are bending!


Day 2, Hurricane Sandy – here is the view from my third floor hotel room. Blowing wind, stinging rain mixed with snow, this storm is 900 miles wide. It is still 195 miles from making landfall. Set to be the worst storm in the history of the United States. It is predicted as many as 50 million people will be without power. Temperatures are dropping, and the trees are starting to bend.

You know how I am with pictures. This is a shot of the storm in the  mirror above my work desk in the hotel room. Monitoring the storm on the TV, trying to post photos here on my blog, and staying in touch on facebook. And there is painting to be done.

Drew this tile last night. That is your standard bedspread background highlighting the linework. I’m seeing all kinds of crazy things in this drawing that I didn’t intentionally put there. The sun in the center, radiating out into oblivion as the rain and waves crash onto the shore, and could that possibly be a bridge? One that could get Kali and me to Florida? Please?

Oh! This was made using the String 024 that came from Tangle Patterns (dot) com, courtesy of Jadie Wright. This is what the string looked like before I filled it with tangles.

The Creator's Leaf

3 thoughts on “Oh my gosh, the trees are bending!

  1. Aha – I recognize that little machine – I have a companion & Richard's just going to upgrade to Mountain Lion. He doesn't have a digital camera but my little Super Macro Olympus works superbly with iPhoto. Just getting used to tweaking with the extra bits & not just 'enhance'.Hope you manage to keep warm OK. Much lovePaula (PEP)

  2. Hope you and Kali stay well under the circumstances with Sandy. Love the sun in your tile. What pattern did you use for the bedspread? I love it.

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