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I think it’s amazing! I’ve had several people (as in more than two or three) send me messages asking what my “studio” looks like. I looked around and asked, “Who? Me?” A studio? So I decided to put a few pictures together and show you where I work. I hesitate to call it a studio, but it makes a fine work area.

What I like best about my work area is the view. My work top sits right in front of this huge window and looks out into the backyard. I can see our deck, a storage building, an old treehouse from when the kids were little, our carport, our two little pygmy goats, and trashcans waiting to be taken to the dump. You are not going to get to see that loveliness, however. What you can see here are two of my favorite additions to the work area. The heart wind chime hangs just outside the window, next to the hummingbird feeder. The crystal hanging-thingy is inside, along with three others.

I bought these in a wonderful shop in Cedar Key. Over their cash register is literally hundreds of hanging decorations. These caught my eye immediately and I thought they would be fun to look at. In the mornings when the sun is just coming through the window, they cast rainbows of light on the floor and the back wall of my room.

Not the clearest photo, but this one is my favorite. I have about twenty other blurry photos that I took trying to get this one. My camera couldn’t decide what to focus on, so basically it focused on nothing.

This is where I spend the majority of my day. When I graduated from high school, my dad gave me a small roll top desk, which I still have. I used it through college and wrote many speeches sitting at that desk. Probably close to ten years ago I saw a large roll top like this one at our local Sam’s store. I don’t know what was so special about it, but the price tag said it could be mine for a mere $1,000.00. Yes. You did read that right. Needless to say that desk sat at Sam’s for years.

Then, several years ago, Kali and I were visiting a local family business called Brantley’s. Mr. Brantley had just driven up and was starting to unload their big truck. I walked behind the truck and saw this desk loaded up inside. He helped me climb up into the truck to look at it. He had picked it up fairly inexpensively from a store that could not sell it because it had some small damage. Nothing extensive. One area is concealed with a drawer, and there is a crack in one of the outer panels on the desk top. Nothing that interferes with the rolling of the top. He offered it to me for $200.00. I had him leave the desk on the truck while I called my husband and we went 50/50 on the desk as a birthday present to myself.

I ran an eBay scrapbook store called Scrap Attack out of this desk for several years. And now, I research art and run The Creator’s Leaf from this desk.

As far as hands-on work goes, this is my main space. And again, I apologize for the pictures. I just have no idea how to get decent photos with that much light coming in the windows. I guess I could wait for a storm, but since this room has been flooded twice in the last few months – literally flooded due to rains, like 4″ deep in water – I don’t think wishing for a storm is a good idea.

Just another angle. This is pretty much my work space – long and narrow. That big metal desk is another Brantley’s find. I think it was originally meant to be a tool/workshop kind of storage. Those drawers are full of scrapbook paper, ribbon, ink, stamps, all kinds of supplies. In the center is a rolling cart that came with the desk. It has storage underneath, but also two large drawers, and a solid work surface top. German made, it shows online as being close to $1,000.00 also. I bought it Brantley’s for $100.00. I spend a good portion of the day standing here working.

I found these jewels at Joanne’s, although Michael’s carries them in primary colors – not pink, purple, lime, and whatever shade of blue this is. I used a 50% off coupon and got two for the price of one. Maybe $30.00 – ish. It holds a lot of stuff!

These beautiful flowers were made especially for me by one of our wonderful speech moms. Here is a link to her Etsy store – Shiny Monkey Buttons.

And sitting next to my beautiful flowers – it’s Robby the Time Keeper Robot and His Trusty Air Cycle. I love steampunk and draw quite a bit of it, so I thought Robby could be an inspiration and, well, I just thought he was cute :). I got Robby from The Fluffy Chicks’ Etsy store. You can find them here.

One end of the desktop holds various pens, and storage units. That big butterfly box came from Joanne’s also. I have bunches of zentangle tiles and watercolor paper stashed in there. The pink bin came from Wal-Mart’s school supplies sections and holds all my microns. Oh, yeah. That cool Mickey Mouse vinylmation sitting behind the pink bins – is just waiting to be tangled upon!

BUT, my absolute favorite thing in my work area – studio – is my chaise lounge! I have wanted one of these for so long!!! And it’s really huge for this area, and I have to walk around it a lot, but I don’t care! Perfect place to sit and read awhile, to look through my art journaling books, to study some new tangle patterns, to take a nap.

It’s comfy and I love it! And before you ask why you can’t see any room in this picture – I photoshopped it all out. For twelve years we home schooled in this room, pre-art life. We have bookshelves and books and home school paperwork/portfolio stuff – everywhere! I totally whited all that out for this picture.

And there you have my studio slash work area. Virtual tour √.

The Creator's Leaf

20 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. Glad you went ahead and posted this – it's always a treat to see other workshop studios. Roll top desk, lots of light, crystals and the chaise lounge – sounds perfect to me!

  2. I like your room. My "work" room is very crowded too. I can't draw (anything) but I do are with thread in the way of machine embroidery. I also make cards, plus all the leftovers from years of doing so many crafts. I have tried for years to get it organized, but as soon as I work in it, it gets all messed up again. But I do spend lots of hours in it. I love your crystal hanging decorations. Bet they are pretty with the sun shinning on them. I enjoy seeing your art work. You are very talented. Have fun.

    • thank you, ilene, i have fun and i'm learning. and don't let these pictures fool you – it isn't always this organized and neat looking – i was moving stuff to the other side of the room to take pictures – haha! but at least one side of the room looked OK. i didn't know you made cards. do you sell them online? or do them for pleasure?

  3. Great….thanks for the tour….I love to see the nitty gritty of real life… curiosity is peaked to behind the lounge chair though…Hmmmm..Happy creating at that wonderful desk…which you are at as we speak….:0)blessings,Cindyβ™₯

    • cindy – i may have to email you that picture – haha! what a mess! but all critical for making a home school transcript and portfolio for college. and yes, i am always at that desk πŸ™‚ good thing i like it!

  4. Alice I love your room, it is very neat and clean. I am a painter and love to see where other painters create. Each artists' space is so personal and exciting. I have a few artistfriends that have their own space and I love being there, I feel comfortable and welcomed. I love my painting space too. Thanks for sharing, your space looks inspiring.

    • thank you, diane, it works for me. everything within reach – when i can remember where i put it. always organizing and re-organizing. i like to look at other people's studios when they post them on their blogs – gives me new ideas. wouldn't it be fun to have a whole room to just set up any way we wanted to?

  5. You really got some deals, woman! Awesome! I love the chaise lounge. Just invites you to settle in. I bet if you had a lap desk you could tangle quite comfortable there. πŸ˜‰

  6. Looks wonderful – especially with the bird feeder – I'd be watching the humming birds every time they came to visit. I too am wary of calling my room a Studio – but it's my little room & 'cluttered' according to my husband (he's the tidying up fairy who tidies everything – I've even got a plastic bag out in the kitchen, put it down to go collect the item I'm putting in it, only to return & find he's thrown the plastic bag away). Paula (PEP)

    • don't let this fool you, paula. i am hesitant to call it a studio, too. it's been our classroom for so long, it's hard to think of it otherwise. and it is definitely cluttered – that's why that last photo is all white space πŸ™‚ i was moving stuff to the other side of the room to take these pictures – haha! you can't see that here. your husband sounds fun!

  7. Thank you for the tour of your workspace! This was delightful. You are sooooo organized!! The chaise lounge is fantastic. What a cozy space!

    • my chair is wonderful – when my daughter isn't sitting in it watching a movie – haha! thank you for visiting πŸ™‚

  8. I absolutely love your studio. It's so tidy and full of supplies, just the place to entice someone to start creating! What a wonderful space!

    • it isn't very big – narrow and long – but it works for me πŸ™‚ thank you so much for leaving me a comment πŸ™‚

  9. I love your crystal hanging decorations and many drawers full of supplies! and big window who looks out into the backyard full of tree… and big chaise lounge… lovely space!!!ps: Your hair has inspired me to draw a girl … see my blog πŸ˜‰

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