Tape the String – ZIA Journal #25



The ZIA Journal challenge at Tangles and Stuff is called Tape the String this week. To do that, I took a sheet of watercolor paper and randomly placed blue painter’s tape on it. Some pieces wide, and some torn into thinner strips. With the tape in place, I slapped on some watercolor paint.

When the paint dried, I dropped drips of paint on to the page and blew them around with a straw. Once all this was dry I removed the blue strips of painter’s tape. In those white spaces I added various tangle patterns. I might do this again tomorrow and tangle the painted areas. We’ll see. This was a load of fun to do! And I love the bright colors – I am all about the color! If you’d like to join in this week’s challenge and play with tape – check it out here at Tangles and Stuff :).

4 thoughts on “Tape the String – ZIA Journal #25

  1. That's a wild idea! I love blowing paint or ink with a straw. this turned out great and it does look like it was fun. 🙂

  2. and it was super easy! one suggestion was to test the tape before you paint. put a strip down, then make sure you can remove it without tearing up the paper. that's why i used painter's tape. it's easy to remove. have fun!

  3. Alice – this is AWESOME! I love the vibrancy of your colors and your tangles look wonderful against that fun background! So glad you enjoyed this!!!

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