Zendala Dare #3 – Hot Chocolate!


Over at the Bright Owl, Erin is hosting a Zendala Dare each week. She provides us with the template, which we then tangle and post to her blog. This is the template Erin gave us to work with this week. I started with the center and worked my way to the outer ring. Patterns I… Continue Reading

This little piggy


Meet my little piggies and my little birdies! Before I show you close-ups and explain, let me say that I can not take credit for these ideas. My favorite art-journalist is Lori at Elvie Studio. She provided the step-by-step in her post that you can find here. Check out her blog – there is plenty… Continue Reading

Ribbon Dancer


This was a fun zendala to make! I worked on one of Zentangle’s pre-strung round tiles. I’m working hard at learning patterns, trying to remember their names, and perfecting the steps. I’m still having trouble with circles – who knew! I’ve been drawing circles since I was little, but their roundness eludes me. So, I… Continue Reading

No other name


Today a page from my art journal – one of my earlier attempts. I am having fun – and a challenge – trying to incorporate scripture into these drawings. I thought the hearts were very apropos with this verse. I think this was also the first time I added color. I know I have a… Continue Reading

Diva Challenge #67 – Amanda Day


In honor of Earth Day, or Amanda Day as so-dubbed by Chewie, the challenge this week is to use the prompt of the earth. Here is my zentangle-inspired take on it. The dragonfly I found on a pinterest board. It was a watercolor on fabric. I used a trick I learned on The Bright Owl… Continue Reading

Know my heart

This one was fun! I learned some new tangles, and I got to play with some cool new pens – Twinkling Like Stars! At You Spica pens. They are glittery, which makes me happy :). To make the large circles – I traced a CD – a circle is one of many things I can… Continue Reading

Blessed are they that trust in the Lord


Again, I drew this in my smash journal. Still trying to figure out what kind of actual book/journal I want to use. For now, this works fine. The page texture is smooth and the pen glides across it really well. I like the way this turned out. This is a verse I learned as a… Continue Reading

Zendala Dare #2


Erin, over at The Bright Owl, is hosting a zendala dare for the second week. She provides the template for the basic shape of the mandala, and we provide the tangling. I used weave, pearlz, skein, and msst for my patterns and came up with this. I’ve been wanting to add some color to my… Continue Reading

Working in my smash journal


I’m really enjoying this art walk! Trying to post something each day. Hoping I’m not boring you to death! This was my second attempt at zentangle. I am pleased with how it turned out. I just need to start learning the names for all the different patterns! On a side note, I registered today for… Continue Reading

A little bit of everything


Zentangle. Zentangle is an art form that anyone can try. You use patterns in a series of steps, with repetition. I learned about zentangle on Pinterest, of all places. I was searching art journal boards and kept running across patterns. I just wanted so badly to be able to draw like these ladies and men… Continue Reading