Last Week in Maine


It has been a crazy week for weather here in northern Maine. And a good one for pictures when we were able to get out of the house. This winter hasn’t been as bad as last year was. Not nearly as much snow and it started a lot later this go round. By this time… Continue Reading

Angelfish ATC


The Letter A Swap was a fun one! I showed you the alligator ATC a couple days ago, yesterday I made an angelfish to go with it. Creative Crafty Friends posts new swaps at the beginning of each month. This month I signed up for eight of them. Still have a couple to make yet…. Continue Reading

Art From Others


Good friends and swaps have brought me some beautiful art pieces over the past couple months. Today I want to show you some wonderful additions to my collection <3 Andrea Kine is a member of Tangle All Around. She and I really ‘met’ when I was working on my last book – Tangle All Around… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 4


Hard to believe we are already on week four of Zen-untangled! What is that? You haven’t heard about Zen-untangled? In my FB group Tangle All Around we are working our way through every one of the 170 tangle patterns designed by the zentangle gurus. I have encouraged each member to participate in the way that… Continue Reading

Zentangle in Living Color


I originally had this posted a couple days ago but took it down to do a little work on the post. Then the whole post got lost so I am starting over. This past week I had the opportunity to take an online class taught by Heidi Halpern Kay, who also goes by HK Tangler… Continue Reading

Alligator Starts With A!


Today I was working on a Letter A ATC for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Life has been really busy and I needed some ‘me’ time. I am afraid I opted for a bit too much ‘me’ time as I signed up for seven swaps after saying I might not do them this year…. Continue Reading

Copic Art


Zen-untangled! has me trying different things. I hadn’t used my Copics or digital stamps in some time, so I brought those out to play with. I showed you this digital stamp last week. I have to say I absolute love this image! I knew I wanted to use her in my journal I am using… Continue Reading

Z is for Zebra, ATCs


Creative Crafty Friends is hosting a swap for the Letter Z. I had so few ideas for this letter that I decided to go with two ATCS of a similar nature. Because in this household of an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen, there is only one Z and that stands for Zebra. Sometime ago I… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 3


I had a lot of fun with week number three! My Facebook group Tangle All Around is working on a project I named Zen-untangled! Christine suggested the name and it really is perfect for the vision I had for my group. We are working through all 170 tangle patterns from zentangle. It will take us… Continue Reading

G. I. Jane, an ATC


Yesterday I showed you my Giraffe ATC for the Letter G Swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Well, I needed to make a second ATC for the letter G and I decided on G. I. Jane. The term G. I. got its start during World War II and although it meant a lot of different things… Continue Reading