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Yesterday I showed you a few books I made to store my tangled tiles in. Easy ways to have portable art to create in and to display. Today I want to show you a beautiful book my friend Robin Mead made for me in her own uniquely wonderful style! And she calls this a Colorflow Journal!

When I opened the package from Robin this is what I found. Each page in the book is roughly 9″ tall and 6″ wide. I say roughly because the edges are all hand-torn. The colorflow journal is comprised of 15 double page spreads, plus the covers which can also be used to create art on. And each set of pages is every bit as colorful as the cover.

Here is the book opened up to show you the front and back covers. I love Robin’s color sense! Let me show you some of the inner pages.

This is a typical spread inside the book. You can see what I mean by double page spreads. Robin uses one piece of art to cover both the left and right-hand sides. And the way she builds her books means each spread lays open completely flat to make it easy for you to create your own art – right on top of her pages.

This is my favorite spread in the book. I haven’t decided what I want to do with it yet. Whether to tangle something or just leave it alone to enjoy. I know what I’m not going to do with it. I am not going to cover it up with collage work or other paint because I love these colors just as they are! They are perfect!

I have at least ten of Robin’s books and this was the first one I actually drew something in. Hahahaha! I just love her work so much I was afraid I’d mess it up! But I got brave with this one and grabbed my TWSBI fountain pen and added some loosey goosey florals and some printemps in that cloud. I love it! I was so proud I sent a photo to show Robin I actually drew in her book. Hahahaha!

In fact, that went so well I started a second set of pages with more of the florals I learned in a class with Joanne Sharpe. That free-flowing, line-repeating kind of drawing really appeals to me. Messy and wonderful and there-is-no-way-to-do-it-wrong kind of drawing. And I wondered what would happen if I added some color < insert cringe here > to some of Robin’s beautiful work.

Not a great photo – taken late at night with unwonderful lighting. But I had to capture the moment. Hahahaha! I used my travel set of watercolors and a water brush and just added color here and there. And I loved that it didn’t ruin what Robin had done underneath.

I want to go back over some of the pen lines and pop some black back in where I covered it up with yellows but other than that I’m calling this page done. I love this book! Now I need to decide what pages to work on next. And do I want to work in this book or one of the two others I got in the mail from Robin last week? Hahahaha! Want to grab up one of Robin’s books for yourself? Check out website Robin Mead Designs and have a look around! And – Robin’s Colorflow Journal can be found right here. I happen to know that Robin also makes books at special request. Just ask her.

Robin Mead Designs

8 thoughts on “Robin Mead’s Colorflow Journal

    • hahaha! I understand! it’s taken me a couple years to get to this point.

  1. Absolutely beautiful Alice and I immediately recognized Joanne’s influence! Love the book and love what you’ve done so far!!

  2. Robin’s book backgrounds really suit your style & you’ve demonstrated that beautifully with both the loose goosey lifework & your coloured one. Fascinating to see the interaction between two artists, 3 if you count Joanne Sharpe’s teaching……………..

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