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How’s that for a confusing topic? And a confusing focus image? Hahahaha! This was a really tough assignment for me! ATC Trades and Jams is currently doing a swap – our assignment was to make two unconventional ATCs to trade. Unconventional as in using items we find around our home. Not to go out and buy anything special, but to use existing household items. I didn’t realize when I signed up for the swap that it would be so hard.

I figured I shouldn’t use the normal ATC bases, so I took a Saltine box and cut out two bases. I tried to make the backs as interesting as I could. And I totally thought that one had a picture of tomato soup. Hmm. I had to throw one piece away because it got way too messy. I guess that was the soup one. Oh well. You get the idea.

For the first ATC, I covered the grey cardboard side with some white craft paint and got started. Dina Wakley’s acrylic paints were perfect for this. Those and my tiny 2″ wide brayer.

Remember this ATC is 2.5″ wide and 3.5″ tall, not a lot of room. So one little dot of each color was plenty.

And I just brayered them back and forth until the surface was covered. I really love how these two colors worked together.

Isn’t that pretty? Two little dots of color was all it took.

I used that StazOn ink to nasty up the edges and scrub some on the surface in a couple paces, leaving that pretty gold color alone.

And forgot to take any photos until I was done. Hahahahaha! This was so hard! Ok, that top is an old earring from the early 1980s. I loved that pair of huge dangly earrings. They didn’t weigh anything so I could wear them all day with no issues. I sacrificed one to this ATC and I’m keeping the other for me! That little embroidered bow was leftover from some I hand stitched onto a pair of shorts back when I was in junior college. Back in the dark ages. Kali used to have a keyring collection – that large ring is from one of those old keyrings and the charm I found in a parking lot down in Florida. Whew! That one is done โˆš on to ATC #2.

For this one I used Dina Wakley colors again but focused on more of the lemon than fuchsia and added a little lime. I rolled the extra color on a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemรผhle so I can use it for The 100 Day Project. Gotta think ahead!

I used some FolkArt craft paint and brayered it onto some bubblewrap from a package I received in the mail.

And brayered it onto the ATC. Apparently the wrong way to do it. I should have just smoothed it down with my fingers. So.

I tried it again with white craft paint.

Flipped it over and just gently tapped, tapped, tapped the color onto the ATC.

And that worked better. Yay!!! And I let it dry.

And while it dried, I took an old yard sale tag and covered it with the ocean color using my fingertip. Because that was easier than having to clean a brush. Hahahahaha! Baby wipes to the rescue!

Stuck it in place using some Scor Tape. And I used some salmon Dyestress Ink along those edges.

And some Moss Dyestress because that salmon just got lost. The embroidered flowers are from that same pair of shorts, no idea where the dragonfly and butterfly came from except I’ve been dragging them around since about 1971. The little charm butterfly is from my old scrapbook days.

And mark unconventional as done โˆš These are now headed to Italy along with the butterfly ATCs from a couple days ago. And I just signed up for three more swaps on ATC Trades and Jams, gotta get stated and not wait till the last minute on the new ones. Want to get involved? You can check out ATC Trades and Jams here, you will probably need to answer a couple questions to get in. Have fun!

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8 thoughts on “Unconventional ATCs

    • thank you, it pushes me a little out of my comfort zone and I figure that’s a good way to keep growing ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Awesome ATCS! You almost tempt me into trading again. Almost. But I know I can’t do things in small amounts. I’d do like I did before where I was trading 100s of them every month, lol.

    • there are people in the group that do that, but not me. sheesh. I’d never keep up. it does look fun, though

  2. You certainly stepped up to the mark with these – (is that how you phrase it??) & made super use of supplies that date back a while, reckon that’s ‘vintage’ if it’s 70s or 80s. Super colours on the background of that first one & those little floral embellishments on the second pick up the colour on the yard sale tag really well. Fascinating to see you working with these.

    • thanks for using the word ‘vintage’. one of the new ones I signed up for is ‘vintage’ so this might help me with ideas for that one, too <3

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