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String Time is a lot of fun! It is the Thursday activity in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Each week I draw a string and post it, asking members to feel free to tangle it and show us what they did. And each week several members post artwork they made using the string.

This was last week’s string. An easy layered string. One thing to remember about strings is they are guidelines. When you look at the one above, you immediately see it is separated into five sections. You could tangle each section with a different pattern OR you could combine sections, you can overlap sections, you can completely ignore a section and leave it blank – what you do and how you interpret the string is up to you. Because strings are really guidelines. They are typically drawn lightly in pencil and once you shade your artwork the string will fade into the background. No need to erase it unless you just really want to.

I don’t always have time to complete each prompt but I did work with the string this week. I started at the top with printempsof course. Hahahaha! I kept the top three sections intact adding in hive and all boxed up. Then those lower sections I sort of combined using my TootsieMoon and crescent moon in a mashup. I love how it looks shaded. Shading isn’t something I enjoy – I rather loathe it, actually – but it makes such a huge difference I make myself do it. And I am usually glad I did. Hahaha!

Do you need somewhere to tangle? Want to learn more about the art style? Want to meet some encouraging tangle buddies? Come over to Facebook, just click here on Tangle All Around. Answer the three easy questions – I’ll give you a hint. Your answers should be: Artangleology, yes, yes. In that order. Hahahahaha! And I will let you in. Have a great week tangling!

6 thoughts on “String Time!

  1. It’s funny how certain parts of a process seem more tiresome or interesting than others. I don’t like adding shadows, but I do like shading whether in a tangle pattern or realistic work. I think it’s my favorite part!

  2. Love this, String challenge with your Tooties Moon— this finishes up my planning for Zentangle class—volunteer at Senior Center. Was asked to give a Zentangle program to a women’s group. I am a good teacher——worked hard giving them a Zentangle into/ first lesson. Quiet, little response group. Thanks yes, but not even their refreshments. Today, summer back surgery throbs. Yep, I am grumpy. Love your uplifting blog! The Zentangle fb community and my senior citizens!! Gave your no as a good source. Keep it up! Will spend this snowed in day working on my new to me tangle.

    • have fun and keep with it, those seniors are a tough crowd. I know you are doing a good thing there. keep it up and you will be making a difference whether you see it or not. my mom was in an assisted living facility for 10 years. I went to many classes and sessions with her and yes, they don’t talk much. but when we would get back to mom’s room, her eyes would light up and sparkle when she would show me her work. she was so proud of it. you are making a difference, don’t get discouraged. today – just take some time for yourself and tangle. <3

  3. That Tootsie Moon section looks great fun & I really appreciate you showing the string underlying it – demonstrates exactly what you were talking about in working with/round/ignoring the string.

    • I like seeing the string before because sometimes it is really hard to imagine what the string would be once all the tangling is done

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