My 1,000th Post!


My 1,000th post! That is incredible! The bulk of my posts were on the old blogger site, but they were all moved over to this new web site by the awesome web master at Host Designs. Yay!!! I didn’t lose anything. All the old posts are sorted out into those categories you see at the top of this page. Hover your mouse over them, some have sub-categories. Click away! Mark Koncurat did an amazing job! And of course the 1,000th post deserves some beautiful artwork!

Stonehenge paper has long been a go-to for me. This small pad of hot pressed paper came yesterday in my Art Snacks box and I immediately put it to use. Actually I used the entire pad of ten sheets! They were a strange size at 2.5″ x 3.75″. Just a little longer than an ATC. And that is good because the way I had to tear these out of the pad left some not wonderful edges at the top. But that might be another story.

In addition I pulled out my entire basket of Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks. These things are crazy. They are scented! And some smell great, some not so much. Hahahaha! Actually, I am allergic to floral scents so that might have been why I didn’t like some of the smells.

I began by spraying the card with water, then dropping one drop of yellow into the wet area. I like that these inks have eye droppers attached to the top. Makes control so much easier than spraying. And this yellow – lemon sherbet – smelled scentsational! Hahahaha! Look at how it starts to spread!

To the lemon, I added Fairy Floss and Hydrangea. I was impressed with how quickly the colors moved when there was a wet area to move into. Where there wasn’t water – in the center – I sprayed more water.

It was amazing to me how much coverage I got with these inks. And yes, I do tend to be a little heavy-handed on the spray bottle, but that’s how I like it.

And this is when my Kleenex box comes in handy. Dab and blot. Blotting may be the key. Not wiping the card dry, but simply lifting the wetness you want to get rid of.

Maybe I removed a little too much color. >.<

So I added a little more back in. Easy to do, just add it where you want it. And I sprayed a little more water just to dampen the card. See where that yellow ran into the dark pink/red on the right and made orange? Love it.

And immediately the color started moving into those other areas. I love the feathering, spidering effect I got!

Just watch it keep traveling.

I love it!

And once most of the movement stopped, I pulled out my heat tool and dried what remained. I love the color so much!

One side effect of working with so much water is that the back of the card gets some color on it, too. So I took the card, and just smooshed it around into the color laying on my craft sheet. Look at that one spot spreading!

I did add a little watermelon color and called it a day on the back side. Heat tool dried and I already see potential for tangling here!

But this side is the real star of the show! So much beautiful all in one tiny place! Think ATC size. I love the feathering and blending and the way the colors merge and build. Awesome! I can’t wait to get started tangling! If you recall, I mention there were 10 sheets in this pad of Stonehenge and that I used them all playing. That translates into 20 pieces of potential tangle territory! And I will show you the next technique I tried in the next post! Happy 1,000th!!!

Want to check out all the Jane Davenport Inkredible inks? Joggles has them here. But Michael’s online has them on sell now for a much better price.
Stonehenge Aqua Hotpressed paper can be found here. This particular pad was part of a special product order and is probably not available to the public.
Heat tool from Ranger is here.

18 thoughts on “My 1,000th Post!

  1. Congratulations on your 1000th post! I knew there was a reason I don’t subscribe to art boxes. I avoid scented things like crazy, because of allergies, and wouldn’t have been happy to receive scented inks. I’m glad you were able to satisfy my curiousity!

    • hahahaha! that and it costs $200 a year. not worth the investment – that was my last box in my subscription.

  2. wonderful backgrounds as always !! these inks look “inkredible”

  3. Have you ever thought of hanging these little, maybe two sided works of art , like a little mobile? Congratulations on you blogging!

  4. Congratulations
    Your site is one of my daily pleasures
    And I thank you πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Love your blog. Here’s an idea, maybe you could post about how you organize all of your “stuff”. I am looking for ideas, and I think others are too!

    • I have done that in the past. maybe it’s to reorganize and do it again πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations – a bit belatedly (just catching up with your posts). It’s terrific that you were able to keep all that you’ve blogged in the same place; it’s such a history of your development isn’t it? Amazing to reach 1000 posts. Your generosity in sharing info is much valued too.

    • it’s been a long time coming and I am so glad nothing was lost along the way. you have been there for most of it and I appreciate you so much! love you, Evy!

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