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Time for a new tangle technique. And I expect it is going to be all the rage. Embedded letters. Let me show you what I mean.

Sure. I know. Not necessarily new. It’s all been done before. But now we are including them in tangle art. And it is so much fun! Let’s walk through how you embed a letter into your tangled art.

I wanted to limit my space – that would be why I used a circle. Not necessary. You could start with a blank page. Or a blank tile. Sketch out your chosen letter. I used pencil because I wasn’t sure how I was going to draw the letter M. You can start with a straight line stick letter and then make the lines thicker if you want. Once you have designed your letter, outline it with whatever pen you tangle with.

Fill the letter in with ink, then add a thin aura around the entire letter. Sorry, my photos skip that step. To that thin aura, add some type of flourish. Fescu, mooka, perf. Add them along some open areas, then aura around the whole letter and the flourishes. The next step is to fill in some of those curved areas with color. They will fall in the curved, rounded areas of the outer aura.

Aura one more time around the whole thing. If there are more curvy spaces to fill with color – go for it.

Add as many auras, fills and embellishments as you want to. I kept adding on to mine until I could anchor it to the sides of the inner circle. Ground it, so to speak. Shading is optional. I really dislike shading, but it adds so much depth that I make myself add it.

As my last step, I added some white highlights with a gelly roll pen. You don’t have to do all the steps, do the ones you are comfortable with. And on your second letter – push yourself and do a little more.

You can add as much background – or not – as you want. This was my first embedded letter. I thought to add background but didn’t think about where I was going with it. Looks kind of like a K stranded on the beach. Hahaha!

Here’s an example of joining two embedded letters. You can embed as many letters as you want. You could embed a name even. In my Facebook group Tangle All Around, we are working on embedded letters this week. I sure wish you would come join us! We have an active group of really friendly tanglers. Each week we work on new patterns, new techniques, a new string. It’s ok to pick and choose the things you want to do. Or none at all. Learning is the main thing. So, why don’t you come join us here? 

As for color on these tiles – more posts will be upcoming showing how these were made. You know how I love color! Now I think I’ll go embed some more letters. See you on the flip side!

14 thoughts on “Embedded Letters

  1. Neat technique. I started one this morning. I will probably do several. I think my fav is that orange one with the 2 letters.

    • I think that’s my favorite, too. I keep changing my mind. they are so much fun. I don’t have steady line work so this will help me improve in that area.

  2. Super tutorial. I really like the way you describe the steps & illustrate them, the limiting of your space is really helpful as in your first example – guess that’s how you stop the embedded letters getting stranded in the sand next to the those waves of wet tangles. Love the joined sample, at first I thought ‘Nzeppel then decided it was Florz.

    • hahaha! I didn’t have a clue where I was going with the wet sand one. then I figured out I needed a plan hahahahaha!

  3. I love the simplicity and clarity of your lesson. It gives a great deal of security and provides confidence to launch to something different the next time. thank you.

    • thank you, I appreciate it. I want the projects to be something any one can do. no pressure from me 🙂

    • thank you, carol, this is the kind of teaching I enjoy 🙂 the other way is too people-y hahaha! seriously, thank you, that helps me know what I’m doing makes sense

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