2 For 1 Sale

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Double dipping.
Killing two birds with one stone.
More bang for your buck.
Two for the price of one.
Two heads are better than one.
It’s going to be one of those days, folks.
Actually, we are deep in preparation of three books right now.
I am packing and preparing for our move to Maine.
Trying to get some things ready to hand off to my son and Bobbie.
Furniture to take care of.
Closets to clean out.
Desks to empty.
About a billion boxes to pack.
My life is one big ball of stress right now . . .
but I still want to art!
This past week I was invited to participate with
a new art journaling group on Facebook:
Joggles 2016 Art Journal Adventure.
This spread is one I made for their lettering prompt this week.
I am also a member of another art journaling group.
And I am woefully behind on prompts there.
Around Valentine’s Day they had a prompt
that dealt with hearts. 
Wow! This spread has a heart. Or three or more.
And it speaks to a love of art
and how it affects our lives.
And it became a 2 for 1 sale!
Just like that!
Gotta love it!

The Creator's Leaf

One thought on “2 For 1 Sale

  1. I was wondering about the move…… I did think that was imminent so that's been in my head when thinking of you. Take care of yourself & don't overdo things. I love the swirls of hearts & that's a very interesting colouring technique for the big one, I particularly like the spontaneity of it. Paula (PEP)

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