Happy Birthday, Frankles!

Two years ago today our little Frankles arrived – 5 weeks early.
Perfect health. Mom Bobbie was having some problems,
which required Frankie to come a little early.
 She was a tiny little thing.
4 lbs, 9 oz. if I remember right.
That’s Jason’s hand on her tummy.
I was able to get to the hospital in time to spend
a few minutes with my son before he joined
Bobbie to deliver the baby.
He was scared, nervous, excited, and anxious
all at the same time.
I think it was the best 15 minutes I ever spent with my son.
Waiting for his daughter to be born.
Brings tears to my eyes – every time I think about it.
These precious little toes are two years old today,
and she’s busy running, climbing, jumping.
A busy little girl,
a sport, lots of fun,
happy, and a singer of loud magnitude.
Hahahaha! I love her so much!
Happy birthday, little Frankles!

I believe flowers are always appropriate

for a birthday celebration!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Frankles!

  1. Congratulations on your little grand daughter, Alice. She's adorable, and Happy birthday to her….Linda E.

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