Joey’s Weekly Tangle Challenge #13

Recently I came across a new tangle challenge – from Joey. She is a serious creator and crafter, and now she is offering a zentangle challenge each Monday. This week’s challenge is: tangling in a circle. I expect most tanglers are going to work on mandalas, I chose not to go that route. We were allowed to use one circle – I decided to make that circle my string. I used a portion of crescent moon. Unless there is another tangle that looks like an uncompleted crescent moon – then I used that tangle :).  Throw in a little fescu (I’m just now seeing that no tangles are supposed to go outside the circle, sorry, pretend those outer fescus aren’t there) and a little diva dance rock ‘n roll. And there you have it. My first Joey challenge piece done. I didn’t shade this piece because I might go back and watercolor it. Then, I will shade with color. If you want to get involved – you know you do! – check out Joey’s page right here.
(Now I just need to go back and check out challenges 1-12. Joey leaves them open-ended so we can go back at any time and post to those link-ups as well!)

7 thoughts on “Joey’s Weekly Tangle Challenge #13

  1. This is lovely, I really like it. It reminds me of a tole-style painting, which I love. Love the way you made Diva Dance look like roses!!Joyce

    • thank you, joyce, i never understood tole painting so this comment made me smile 🙂 i'm glad it turned out that way!

  2. It's gorgeous Alice live Zendala and Mandala can't wait to really get good at tangling it amazes me used to tangle much now only know a few patterns

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