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Last week, Tangles and Stuff gave us the challenge to use mooka in our journal and to use a quote, or to write something of meaning to us.  (I had never drawn mooka successfully, so I was determined to make this work!) Sunday morning, Pastor Matt repeated this verse several times. It was the focus of his message. It is important for us to know we can look to God when trials hit, and in good times, too!

We had a few new trials hit yesterday – a health issue in our blood-related family, and a death in our speech and debate extended family. Lots of tears being shed over the southeastern United States, from teenagers and adults alike. I am thankful that Pastor Matt – who has own challenge going on – took the time to share this one verse. Look to Him who is invisible!

I gave this tile to my daughter, who is dealing with the loss of a friend today. Please help me pray her and our speech/debate family through this loss of Justin, who was so loved!

And, take a minute to visit Tangles and Stuff, what a wonderful blog!

6 thoughts on “Mooka Challenge

  1. Hi Alice. I like the way this tile turned out, and that you wrote the verse in it. This verse is a good reminder to me for the trial that began today for us too. I pray that you and your family and friends have much comfort, peace and strength from the Lord during this time of trial. Linda E.

    • linda – i guess that back when you left this comment, i didn't know enough to go back and reply. thank you for your prayers – it's still tough from time to time to understand why some things have happened. i am praying that you came through your trial and are into some happier times now. thank you!

  2. This is lovely Alice! Mooka came out super and I love the wildflower tangles you used with Mooka. Sending healing thoughts to everyone in dealing with the loss of loved ones – it's always so difficult at these times for everyone.

  3. Your Mooka tile was great! I loved the flowers with the pink tops. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at your time of loss.

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